15 Seconds

Part 3

by Chris Dorley-Brown


Chris Dorley Brown’s ‘15 Seconds part 3’ is a tantalising glimpse into lives of 26 millennials born in the 1980s, and the ways in which their lives have changed between childhood and adulthood.

In 1994, several hundred Colchester schoolchildren aged 8-11 were invited to make a video portrait of themselves and experience their ‘fifteen seconds of fame’. Ten years later, Dorley-Brown tracked down some of the individual participants to find out how their lives had progressed; and in 2014 he made a third series of video portraits. Brought together as a digital online artwork, the participants' three selves now enter into a dialogue with each other.

The first set of video portraits were made in an era before the internet became a part of everyday life; the last set were made in the era when self-presentation through social media is ubiquitous. In between are a poignant series of moving portraits that address growing up, thwarted ambition and finding out what makes you happy in life.

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Chris Dorley-Brown grew up on the south coast but has lived and worked in the east end of London for the last thirty years. Largely self-taught, his cultural education was formed in east London in the late seventies, against a backdrop of strongly polarised political conflict and change. His influences are shaped by memory, both personal and those of others. Since 1993 he has been collaborating with artists, filmmakers, curators, performers and writers as well groups and inviduals in the public sphere in a variety of cultural contexts, primarily outside the art gallery (radio, print, cinema, television, the internet and architecture). Find out more about his work at www.modrex.com



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